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I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ is set around a young family’s day to day life on the build-up towards Christmas 2006. Michael Kennedy, an airline pilot and his wife Susan make the move from Manchester, due to a re-location and work transfer into a quiet cul-de-sac in Osterley Park, Greater London, with their two young children Stephen and Emma. There are mysterious disappearances and deaths around the areas of South East London and somehow each time they keep getting linked back to an already locked up psychopathic killer named, Billy Stevens. Every year since he had been locked up in Hammersmith Psychiatric Hospital he had always managed to find his way out and back to the cul-de-sac in Crawford Road, Osterley Park. Has Billy escaped again? Is he on the verge of more killings? Is he on his way back to Osterley Park, to the house where he used to live?? Maud and Wilfred Jennings, the Kennedy’s next door neighbours seem to think so.






In Hammersmith Psychiatric Hospital, Billy Stevens had already been planning his escape, since his re-capture at the beginning of the year, Billy had been thinking of a way of getting back home. Every year since he had been locked up in 1976 he had always found his way out of the hospital and back to the cul-de-sac in Osterley Park. Through the years Billy had broken out of the hospital by being a laundry man, chef, hospital visitor, policeman, garbage man, cleaner, security guard and many other disguises, during the last two months locked away in his cell, Billy had been planning this escape in his head, in every detail.

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